Were shortly after beginning their campaign in earnest.

Were shortly after beginning their campaign in earnest, Atari today a delay in the release of the latest DRIV3R. Cinematic car chase racer from Reflections is now ready for release on 1 June at the end of March plans, as originally planned.

The movie ‘The Possession ‘, however, scored the second highest Labor Day opening ever, behind just ‘Halloween ‘, which started with $ 30,000 in the holiday weekend in 2007. The film is the latest low-budget horror success of Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, which also produced ‘The Grudge’and ‘Drag Me to Hell.’Lionsgate together with the production company to make the film with a budget of around $ 14 million.. On sale a 2004 Los Angeles Times story about a haunted closet Box Based on a court found the film stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick and was critically panned But those. That the film saw this weekend a 59 percent female audience , it grade point average of grade point average of B, according to market research firm Cinema Core. (more…)

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But do not worry.

I was a big fan, Antal enthusiasm told ComingSoon. As as for Rodriguez’s involvement, he said: He is involved in the script, and we had many conversations, and large decisions, I want to make, I always speak to him, but he was very friendly and he has been let me do my thing, he ’s really let me perform and he makes me dance, so again, I am grateful. .. He was very friendly Nimrod Antal Opens Up About Rodriguez’s PredatorsAnd of course there is a concern about whether Antal is also the right director for this. But do not worry, it is a pretty big fan myself. Let me tell you, I was such a fan that I was standing in line 14, 14, and I had the poster on my wall.

Update: At least half this story is not true. Slash movie was just from Overture Films this afternoon contacted and told that Philip Seymour Hoffman page this was completely wrong. But she also said that a press release put out later this week, the confirmation of who. Actually in the occupation My feeling is that Smit-McPhee and Moretz on board yet, but we do not know who play the adults yet. We’ll let you know when the release meets later this week, so that you for the stay tuned. (more…)

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We not quite sure plans plans for the occupation.

We not quite sure plans plans for the occupation, but if this is anything like the version in the works a few years ago, it is almost the same. The first quote is from We Got This Covered and is just a short production update of Rodriguez confirmed their current situation both on Sin City 2 and Machete 2:.

‘Our company is the other way round we have the funding, we are just waiting for the script, so the focus is where it should be, you are not thinking about the money. They are just making sure the script is where it should be. This according as the script ready to go, first. Sin City has so many effects that could possibly shoot Machete 2 after and it could come before Sin City 2 Just as the distribution goes, I ‘m not sure, but they just end up just end up recording at the same time. ‘If all goes as planned, it sounds as though this may be at some point at some point later this year.. (more…)

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The Incredible Hulk Louis Leterrier.

On the heels of Latino Review scoop that the Clash of the Titans remake in production at Warner Brothers and that director Stephen Norrington was fast-tracked had dropped news arrives announces the latest director. The Incredible Hulk Louis Leterrier, so far for the two Transporter films as is well known.

Frankly, I to Norway Crime Thriller ‘ Headhunters ‘ fitNo matter how much grief filmmakers want to give to subject Summit Entertainment us to the big screen adaptations of the Twilight Saga, you can not deny that the production company has some delivered truly stellar cinema makeup up for them. Film in their past include The Beaver, The Brothers Bloom, The Hurt Locker and last 50/50 . Now Deadline says the company has answered the English-language film rights to the Jo NESB ‘S Picked bestselling Norwegian thriller Headhunters only recently recently here in the United States. (more…)

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Is not it strange.

And yet films basically that somehow sequels that nobody wants ? that’s the good news is that we probably will not see District 9 sequel for a few years. That’s good, because I do not want to continue to be production production. But it is also bad, because I really want to see how to make them District 10th at some point Over on Deadline Hollywood Nikki Finke a new update a new update, basically, that Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson will not return unless they find a story..

Movies Sequel By Jackson & Blomkamp Are ReadyI’m very relieved to hear that case of the. I was so happy to hear, Abrams and Matt Reeves would not make a Cloverfield Sequel if it could live up to the original, both in story and concept. And I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s going on with Jackson and Blomkamp. I would a sequel a sequel, because I loved the story and the film, and there is more more, but I do not want to see them go, if they truly believe they should. With District 9 $ 200,000 across the world this weekend, of course, Sony is pushing hard for a sequel, but Jackson and Blomkamp will pushed back until the time is ripe. (more…)

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May I mentioning.

OUT OF COMPETITION : The Artist – Directed by Michel Hazanavicius The Beaver – Director: Jodie Foster La Conqu th – Dir: Xavier Durringer Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Director: Rob Marshall here .

Lars von Trier 64th Cannes Film Festival Official Selection will be announcedCompetition : L’ Apollonide – Director: Bertrand Bonello Drive – Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Footnote – Director: Joseph Cedar Hanezu No Tsuki – Dir: Naomi Kawase Ishimei – Director: Takashi Miike The Kid With The Bike – Director: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne Le Havre – Director: Aki Kaurism ki Melancholia – you? Lars von Trier, Michael – Dir: Markus Schleinzer Once Upon A Time in Anatolia – Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan Father – Directed by Alain Cavalier Polisse – Dir: Ma IF the skin that I inhabit – Director: Pedro Almodovar Sleeping Beauty – Directed by Julia Leigh La Source des Femmes – Dir:-: Paolo Sorrentino the Tree of Life – directed by Terrence Malick We have a Pope – Director: Nanni Moretti We Kevin Kevin – Dir: Radu Mihaileanu This must you be the place Lynne Ramsay. (more…)

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Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in HesherHoly crap.

Just Jared has. Some new paparazzi pictures of Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in character on the set of Hesher and an indie comedy by Spencer Susser The story centers on a loser , who enters the life of an awkward 13 – year-old boy alive with his father and grandmother. Portman plays a supermarket worker for the child falls for after she saves him from a bully. See the two pictures from the set below.. Natalie Portman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in HesherHoly crap, Natalie wears an old school 80’s Ski Colorado t-shirt! I think I ‘m going to faint! I hate to be all chatty, but I am absolutely melt them see that I think I actually had that exact same sweater when I was a child was. I did not even know that her character would wear this type of clothing, but it looks great.

Acquired Another of my favorite films at Sundance this year for distribution was. And there is one that really had a good dealer also. Variety reports that, Wrekin Hill Mark Webber has acquired The End of Love, his film with Mark and his 2 – year-old son, that and and directed. It is a raw, yet intimate and compelling look at a relationship between a boy and his father, and I highly recommend seeing if it comes out. The good news is that this movie is a day-and-date theatrical and VOD release this year, so everyone will be able to see it. (more…)

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But its really starting to pick up again and there are some great collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates on Somewhere.. Rock Band Phoenix scoring Sofia Coppola’s film SomewhereI will actually start to the new Hollywood trend like rock bands or music groups score big movies. It is not new, but it’s really starting to pick up again and there are some great collaboration . In the same direction, took Slash film is a story about Prefix Mag yesterday reported that French rock band Phoenix is . ’s Letter and the soundtrack for the new film by Sofia Coppola Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning Sounds like another great collaboration between great musicians and filmmakers. – ‘It’s very minimal,’said frontman Thomas Mars. ‘It’s almost like sound design. It was not songs, it was songs, it was more about trying a sound that with a Ferrari and the city of Los Angeles suits ‘ topic to make.

Candyland and Stretch Armstrong was not the only films Mattel had in the works. Universal to develop a live-action is presented on the basis of their action figure Major Matt Mason, in the 1960s in the 1960s. The most interesting piece of news, however, Tom Hanks to produce and star in this adaptation. Hanks plays Major Matt Mason, the leader of a group of astronauts who lived on the moon and has worked on a space station. Oddly enough, after we finally landed on the moon in 1969, Mattel finally pulled the toy line. (more…)

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Our investment in EMI for new and established for new and established artists.

Our investment in EMI for new and established for new and established artists, , Canad. Music performance and consumer choice and support new digital services, it added. We welcome the Commission ’s decision a closely get workin regulatory authorities in Europe regulatory authorities in Europe and the U.S. Will further freedom. .

European and U.S. Regulators to give their decisions on the Vivendi-owned music giant ’s proposed acquisition shortly known.We are pleased that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has cleared Universal Music planned takeover of EMI without objections This follows similar distances in Japan, Canad. And New Zealand , the music giant said in a statement. (more…)

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But be warned that they venture into spoiler territory.

‘ American Reunion ‘ Plot Details Revealed & not sound so badfor more details you can plot see see play, but be warned that they venture into spoiler territory. The good news is that they parts with the return of Finch and Michelle , although not as yet in negotiations for the film mentioned. The other good news is that they also say that the film has a very funny story and seems to embody the heart that was in the first film, but is missing in the sequels. I’m definitely interested to see how this turns out. What about you?

Now a hilarious lady to The Hangover Part III position as Variety reports, Melissa has been busy is in negotiations for a small role. With plot details still under wraps, but one note in a recent vague press release, the Wolfpack was walking on the road, it is not clear how McCarthy come into play, but I would be willing to bet that way at the end of in the by Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis at a certain point.. That this is notCarthy to get the Wolf Pack in ‘The Hangover Part III ‘There are a lot of male camaraderie in The Hangover franchise so far, and not much fun for any of the female cast members, except maybe Heather Graham, but this is stretching it a little. (more…)

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Heres the two unlocked today usually by a team of people on twitter and Unfiction around the web.

Here’s the two unlocked today usually by a team of people on twitter and Unfiction around the web. The first, the ship Prometheus descending from the URL from the URL / Eridu /, on the Investor timeline then what Eridu was found unlocked. It is an ancient Sumerian city, probably you can find an icon and is now known today as Tell Abu shahrain – so that was the password . Gorgeous shot that we fully rendered trailer, but fully rendered in high resolution. Details on the other in order.

Prometheus is by the legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, and directed by Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most Directed recently. (more…)

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Distribution David Cronenbergs Cosmopolis on the release schedule for the 17th eOne U.

U.S. Distribution David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis on the release schedule for the 17th – eOne U.S. Sets Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis ‘for August Release August set, opening in New York and Los Angeles at first, to expand into other markets soon after. Related News, CBS Films went to Sundance drama words, with Bradley Cooper, September to 7 opened it earlier in the month. Cannes and, THR reports that IFC Midnight finally. U.S. Sales to the first film by David Cronenberg ’s son Brandon Antiviral that mixed reviews mixed reviews Premiere These two new Cannes Cronenberg films both have the potential to become cult classic fast.

Tricky Dick play more below!. Pistol that and Danny Huston Are Elvis & Nixon for director Cary ElwesApparently Elwes also along with along with Joey Sagal and Hanala as history tells the encounter between Presley and Nixon, which came about after the musician wrote a six-page a six-page letter requesting a visit and even suggested a Federal Agent-at-Large in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous drugs to be . After fulfillment Nixon brought the hip-swinging singer some family photos and a Colt 45 pistol, which was given as a personal gift Nixon. It sounds like an interesting meeting, and with actors like Bana and Huston in the role, I’m interested to see what they bring to the table as each of the men was very iconic and constantly exaggerated traits and mannerisms. Sounds good? what seems like it’s almost a kind of special prequel to the Ron Howard directed drama Frost / Nixon, actor Cary Elwes, known for his roles in films such as The Princess Bride and Robin Hood could be known: Men in Tights, is 21st at his directorial debut with Elvis & Nixon, a film based on the interesting visit that iconic musician Elvis Presley paid to President Richard M. (more…)

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They confirm that Thomas Haden Church.

Mark Strong & Thomas Haden Church Join John Carter of MarsHeat Vision has three other actors who will join announced the appointment of Andrew Stanton John Carter of Mars. First off, they confirm that Thomas Haden Church, who previously revealed that he was about to officially on board. He plays Hajus Valley, an ambitious and vicious warriors Thark, biding time to be a ruler. In addition, it was announced that British actor James Purefoy and Mark Strong are also participating in the project. Purefoy plays Kantos Kan, the captain of Xavarian, the kingdom of Helium? S grand warship.

So it The Jungle Book The Jungle Book and Noahs Ark combined , or at least that’s my first perception. The project is being developed at Fox 2000 and while older scripts around, including one of M. Night Shyamalan are Lee find and hire a new writer to adapt.. By M. Night Shyamalanlming adaptation of Yann Martel Life of PiNot with Monty Python’s Life of Brian be confused, Yann Martel ’s novel Life of Pi is to be adapted to the Taiwanese director Ang Lee. The story follows an Indian boy named Piscine Pi Molitor Pate who is sole survivor a sunken freighter that winds sharing a lifeboat with a hyena, an injured zebra, an orangutan and a hungry Bengal tiger. (more…)

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Ff: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Thoughts?

I recently watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy as a whole a 4-hour feel like a 4-hour finale is necessary, especially after 8 films, and that is my problem with Deathly Hallows: Part 2 I think the film has pacing / structural problems and it really lacks the excitement of a truly epic finale. There are many dead bodies that we can not see every moment together is pressed quickly more than two hours more than two hours it still felt short, it still felt like we could not see much anymore.

Please see the discussion civilized!. Now that you ‘ve seen it, what do you have? It all ends. After 10 years, 7 books, 8 movies, Hundreds of characters and memories that eventually ends. You grew up with them, you may love it, now it’s time. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in theaters , and it’s a bittersweet end an exciting and that we came familiar. How is it? Is it living up to the other films in the series? How Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are in their final Harry Potter characters? What about the end? it it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the epic finale, Deathly Hallows: Part 2! Part 2: – you think of you think of Deathly Hallows? An incredible ending to perfection? We remove any comments that you have not seen the movie, because this area is the film once you it it and can talk about giving to talk about your thoughts. (more…)

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Would you likeie Bell As a New Spider-Man chosen?

Of course, since he has already trilogy, which trilogy, which he himself is, that might for its for its availability on the Spider-Man. But now , it must be taken with a grain of salt, because we certainly have hear rumors on the line until we get word from the studio. Would you like to Jamie Bell? In spite of a large Internet campaign, comedian / actor Donald Glover an audition for Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot get has surfaced a big rumor of bleeding Cool the says British actor Jamie Bell which are on the shortlist of actors as we brought last month was, was elected as selected as the new Webslinger in Marc Webb’s reboot.

We get it. It is still a great movie Navy turnover, but the action looks awesome. Catch the latest trailer, with some new recordings.. ‘Lieutenant, prepare your men had imagined for a greater battle than you look. ‘Premiered on Veterans Day at the Carrier Classic on ESPN is the second official trailer for Act of Valor, the intense military action movie starring and made by real Navy SEALs. We featured the first full official trailer for in October, but this is a straight-forward look at the plot and story. (more…)

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