The Bank Job is in the year 1971.

The Bank Job is in the year 1971, set when thieves tunneled into the vault of a bank in London’s Baker Street and looted safe of cash and jewelry worth over three million pounds. Not a penny was again no one no one was ever arrested and the story faded from headlines after a public announcement gagging the press.

The film was directed by Paul Dugdale, formerly responsible for Adele at the Royal Albert Hall and The Prodigy Worlds On Fire Live concert films directed. Coldplay Live 2012 includes recordings of shows in the Stade de France, Montreal’s Bell Centre and the band triumphant Pyramid Stage headline performance at Glastonbury 2011th. (more…)

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The issue of weapons of was thanks to the issue on Hall participant Nina Gonzalez.

Frankly, as someone who always crazy to Hollywood snatching up all my favorite TV shows and books and movies from my childhood and giving them a modern update is, I think, Levy has a phenomenal sense of how the books approach and the right comedic tone really bring to life the old-fashioned stories in today’s society. Anyway, there is see where see where Levy will ultimately take the project since Walden Media CEO Michael Bostick says a script is finished and in pre-production late next year with the earliest publication is sometime in late 2011 thoughts.?

The last installment. & Paul W. Anderson back for another ‘Resident Evil’Interestingly enough, when Jovovich talked about continuing September last year, she said, is We have a lot of fans on Twitter and said this, it probably one of the following one of the following to be the first movies where we really talk to they want see what they want, and what characters they want to see. It will be an interactive process. It is not clear whether this process in lead nothing substantial on the screen, but proposals from fans can not be worse than what Anderson has already supplied in the franchise. (more…)

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As you wrote The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

As you wrote The Exorcism of Emily Rose, but were directed by David Scarpa to work so it was not too easy for you, because you are not new on the liberty of writing itself from the ground up? Or how much actual involvement did you have?

It has to do with the metrics of the management of his numbers. Whatever the reasons may be, I think, Paramount has seriously hurt the potential box office performance of the films.. Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood tries reasons why reasons why Paramount has taken the decision to to two big films. ,, as Paramount recently lost DreamWorks announced and then they release only then, 20 major films a year, they have started to shift versions, so they do not have a huge hole in the coming year. speculation speculation is that Paramount ’s Oscar will instead efforts on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road, but it with the metrics with it. (more…)

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But says he wants a movie in Space Soon BeWhoa.

I mean, this is the guy who went and lived Roald Dahl’s house while he wrote the screenplay for Fantastic Mr. This is one of the reasons why I love him. I do not know posed as the movie is, it might be a bit too actually work really work, but I love that he thought outside the box in this way. It will be him him experiment in the science fiction genre.. But says he wants a movie ‘ in Space ‘ Soon BeWhoa, one step at a time, Anderson! I am sure that they have someone (NASA? Order to take them into the room to pick up some foundation to get shots if need be, but I do not know about shooting entire scenes with actors know a long road a little crazy.

Thoughts? Update: Apparently, former That 70 ’s Show actor Topher Grace is also in talks to join the cast as an accountant – type whose unassuming facade conceals a dangerous serial killer. Heat Vision updated their article on the casting news a few minutes after I first had it added that little Topher Grace Topher Grace. It looks gig playing Venom in Spider-Man 3 May have to get him another job action. Let’s hope. All these actors pull a great movie because I want be a highlight Predators next summer.. The more I hear, Predators, screwed up am that it will not be messed up , though it is is a Fox production. Apparently the studio is Rodriguez can make this without their participation, which is a very smart move. (more…)

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Two Official Photos Revealed by Peter Jackson on The Hobbit Set!

The Hobbit will be directed by Peter Jackson in two separate parts, is set in Middle-earth 60 years before Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his film team brought to the big screen in a trilogy ten years ago. The Hobbit films with screenplays by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson , will be shot consecutively in digital 3D using the latest camera and stereo technology. The Hobbit follows the journey of title character Bilbo Baggins, Martin Freeman, who plays an epic quest an epic quest the lost the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, long ago by long ago by the dragon Smaug.

One Click below on this drive to its Facebook page and visit the gallery for slightly larger versions.There and Back Again. Peter Jackson ’s Tale! Oh it’s great to see Jackson back in Middle Earth again. With filming on the epic two-part adaptation of The Hobbit in progress, in New Zealand, two new photos of Jackson himself on The Hobbit set, especially in Bilbo’s home in Hobbiton have been disclosed on his Facebook . Along with this first photo of votes is not in costume, those are the only pictures we ‘ve seen , and while it only behind the scenes , they are still to see so great! Warner Bros. Was also announced the start of production and an official blog has also started. (more…)

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A publicist contacted us and told us for for now.

Update:. A publicist contacted us and told us for for now, just produced Timur. Vespa Pictures and its principles Jeff Vespa and Ilene Staple optioned the book appropriate Auburn and for the screen, and then teamed up with Timur, produce the movie produce the film side – by-side. Producers take all three producer credits. that we know what we know now, let you know what project it is not Timur decide to the next to next.

Let me first admit that I am a tornado mom and have always loved , as, as in movies his. This may be a crazy idea, but I love it. And his idea about perfectly dark darker – that’s exactly what I see in Twister did. And until they get Philip Seymour Hoffman back, I’m already sold. Bring on Twister 2! Of course, Paxton talks about 3D, because that is the big thing in Hollywood, and how it ‘could obviously be pretty amazing,’a Twister a Twister sequel in 3D. (more…)

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I really hope Gunn successfully bring its unique brand of humor to the superhero genre here.

I really hope Gunn successfully bring its unique brand of humor to the superhero genre. Comic comic book / superhero flicks, I do not think anyone has their fingers on their fingers on a good mix of comedy and superhero action here . Fantastic Four had a few failed attempts, and though Hancock was certainly a step in the right direction, it never quite found his footing. Gunn and hopefully Wilson can join forces to these updated a knock out of the park, when production starts in December and they keep us on Twitter, I’m sure. Stay tuned for more casting details or communications in connection with Super. Sounds good?

Even more news reshoot? It is not uncommon to do reshoots for most major films, it ’s just something that movie studios can make, when they can work on big movies. But it is always painful, about reshoots on a project we look forward hear from, However, with some interesting additional details. For example, Bloody-Disgusting is reporting today that makes Jonah Hex some reshoots in the next couple of weeks. However, Warner Bros has decided I advised to Am Legend and Constantine director Francis Lawrence on the reshoots to bring. (more…)

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No director is mentioned Deadline story.

No director is mentioned Deadline story, and no story details are revealed, but guess if I had to, I think it is likely that Thompson will start some kind of business to get people to boring ass parties turned into kick-ass late night romps , where people get drunk and relax. It will probably be some sort of conflict with romance and fundraising. But that ’s just a guess.

Snow Fort Pictures, Camera One France and Koch Media of Germany the development of the documentary. Stephen Scarlata and Travis Stevens produce. I hope it this at Sundance either next year or maybe even the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, but either way , I have already been sold, I’ll be there at the first screening. Of historyke Dune has always problems with it on the big screen, as Petersberg version in the works last year by Paramount was canned before it could get the green light. My hope is that this doc focuses on why. Such a challenge to adapt, not only for Jodorowsky, but each with a unique vision of the story. (more…)

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He defended the network.

And they are both angered by shabby treatment of veterans is one thing they have hardly any time soon agreed O Reilly s longtime TV home Fox News. He defended the network, saying[ Fox News] makes a billion dollars a year, so something is going right.

Even Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly plan pay – per-view debate Late Night: to cut met Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Mitt Romney at Bain Capital, Big Bird – funding plan sparks Twitter frenzy Big Bird Fans tweet one-liners the targeted presidential debate. (more…)

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The Master Big wins in Venice.

Lion Award Lion Award, the prize for directing went to Paul Thomas Anderson fo The Master , while the film stars Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman shared the best acting honors. Yaron Yaron won the actress award for her role in the movie Israeili fill the emptiness. PHOTOS: 10 must-see films at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.. ‘ The Master ‘ Big wins in Venice. It could have been greater I have my suit in the bath, so please do not judge, Hoffman told the assembled reporters and photographers. Phoenix was in Toronto where.

In announcing the award ceremony took Venice jury head Michael Mann pain out that new rules say the jury two awards per film limited Sources close to the jury, and that man crew. Wanted both the Golden and Silver Lion for ‘The Master’and the honor of his co – star, but could not because of the limitations awarded. (more…)

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That s why Im in Ohio and Iowa support the re election of President Obama apps.

That ’s why I’m in Ohio and Iowa support the re – election of President Obama, our country will be run in the next four years apps .at the moment, there is an increasing distribution of wealth in this country, with the benefits going more and more to the 1 per cent for. Me President Obama is our best choice to begin this damaging this damaging trend. Turned into a there is a battle going to help to make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama come our best choice for us and us. In the right direction.

At the moment there is an election in America, and I’m glad we live in a country where we all participate in this process. For me, Obama is our best choice, because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together. We ‘re still living through very hard times, but justice, equality and true freedom is not always a tide rushing in. You. Often a slow march, inch by inch, day after a long day I believe that President Obama feels these days into the bone and the force has to live with us a country where a land where nobody crowds you, and nobody goes it alone. (more…)

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But I find no other details about it.

The futuristic short is a kind of world in Bangkok, where rule set digital self – changes, and looks very colorful. Only other detail is that it is ‘Coming Soon ‘ – we will be on our guard. Have fun!. In Bangkok, whererant trailer for ‘ True Skin ‘ indie sci-fi project from H1The video on Vimeo Behance of H1 has been found, but I find no other details about it. H1 is a cameraman N1ON N1ON, of Rockville, Maryland. I will. Definitely an eye out for this and full function or short or web series, or whatever it is I love sci-fi world that looks great and does not out of place out of place, almost like Scott Pilgrim meets Bladerunner.

The biggest surprise was robbed Guillermo del Toro, Pan’s Labyrinth Best Foreign Language win is guaranteed, although still three other wins additional to winning Children of Men at all. At all. Despite some surprises, I’m glad to see The Departed and Martin Scorsese finally win , so congrats on it. Anthony Hines, Peter Baynham, Dan Mazer – Borat Alfonso Cuar n, Timothy J. David Arata, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby? Children of Men William Monahan – The Departed Todd Field, Tom Perrotta – Little Children Patrick Marber – Notes on a Scandal.. Documentary Short The Blood of Yingzhou District Recycled Life rehearse a dream ORIGINAL SONG I Need to Wake Up from An Inconvenient Truth Listen from Dreamgirls Love You I Do from Dreamgirls Our Town from Cars Patience from DreamgirlsLIVE ACTION SHORT FILM Binta and the Great Idea ramos Pocos Helmer & Son the Saviour West Bank Story?ORIGINAL SCORE Gustavo Santaolalla – Babel Thomas Newman – The Good German Philip Glass – Notes on a Scandal Javier Navarrete – Pan’s Labyrinth Alexandre Desplat – The QueenYet another Academy Awards have come and gone and chosen the winners! This year, the Academy chose The Departed as the grand prize to take home Best Picture and a total of 4 Oscars. (more…)

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Maybe its just the way I grew up.

But I can not bear this type of work. It’s boring, there ’s no better way to describe it. Only this pair shows much for two hours with the reality of aging? to finish it to as long as long as they can? Is not interesting or exciting or riveting or fascinating or exciting, quite bland and boring, just how it is.. Maybe it’s just the way I grew up, to show films and film entertainment that takes you into another world .

The best way for me to sum up is a dislike of love to explain, it’s just scenes of an elderly couple getting older. It is a very real, raw portrait of this kind of old couples and as love causes the pain of impending death have been worse, but I had no reason to care about them. Who were they? Maybe they have lived a long, healthy, someone, and that life, and if so, then why should I care that they are fighting so much now? Of course, I understand that no one wants to die someone, and that makes sense, but that’s my point. The feeling already exists in this world, there is already so much death exists around us, and we’ve probably all seen a death at some point (whether grandparents / parents, extended family, friends, and since they already exist is, I have no desire to look for a movie that adds nothing special to this type of experience.. (more…)

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LaBeouf will no longer be in the movie.

However, Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman ‘ Casts Zac Efron nowLast Shia LaBeouf heard that Shia LaBeouf was in the necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, a new action thriller that would have marked the directorial debut of commercials director Dante Ariola lead. However, LaBeouf will no longer be in the movie, the Channel reported that Zac Efron is the improvement of a main role in the story of a boy who meets a girl in Europe, only to find out that it has an insanely violent crime boss for friend But love knows no bounds, Charlie holds under blows, only to win over the girl of his dreams and keep them safe also appears Ariola is no longer steer the project.

Variety reports the A – list is launch to star in Turbo, a new movie from DreamWorks Animation utter. The story follows an average garden variety snail, which will be the fastest snail in the world. When a freak accident gives him extraordinary speed somehow, he makes himself true to his wildest dreams. It’s simple, but I’m just glad it original. This is actually the second DreamWorks animated film will be Reynolds ‘ speakers in a Leading Role feature. See below for details! That movie see news release on 1 In March this year, and then turbo theaters on 7 June taken. Both films were recently upcoming upcoming DreamWorks Animation slate to 2014, and we are likely to hear and see more from them in the near future. (more…)

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While many still look plotting their Halloween costumes.

While many still look plotting their Halloween costumes, ‘American Idol’crooner Scotty McCreey forward to Christmas. Mercury Mercury / Interscope holiday-themed collection (‘Christmas With. ‘in in the charts at No. 4 after selling.

The trade has not much new to report on its development, but Inferno Entertainment recently came on board as an an international sales agent. Given them try, In 2008, in Cannes it will have this sounds like it will have a huge budget, but you never know . The best the best hope, and I really hope that next Pitt shoots Moneyball, as adaptation adaptation I can not wait to see. (more…)

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